How To Extend The Motherboard life

Motherboard acts as a nervous system of your computer. It holds the central processing system of the machine. It helps to connect every part of the hardware that controlling the chip. Motherboard have typically long life span, motherboard life can be extended through the regular care and proper maintenance.

Keep it clean:

The motherboard is essentially consist of the big circuit board, which redirect the current flow to from the power supply the unit to every unit and communicate with the CPU. If your motherboard is full of the dust, hair and lint because of the dust-prevent from the proper communication among all the components. The power supply is also affected because of the dust. It builds up the dangerous heat buildup, which becomes the cause of the damage and short circuit of the board.Note: you can use the canned air to clear the loosed dust and debris from the motherboard, and moisten the cotton swab and rubbed alcohol to remove the stubborn stuck on the dust.

Keep it cool:

Heat damage the computer component, the temperature of the computer rise quickly If it left unchecked. If you keep the computer high-pitched clean or It still suffers from the heat-related issues, the rest of the case does not allow t proper ventilation. There are at least six inches of air space around the entire tower and none of the fans or air vents is blocked. You can keep the tower away from the outside heat resources, for example, radiator or heating vent. If the source is side on the motherboard. Prolonged exposure to overheating can cause the board to wrap.

Surge protector saves your computer:

There are many motherboards has gone to the lightning strike or electricity surge through the house current, If the board out of order, it will damage the rest of the components.  The user connects the wall outlet through the quality surge protector. It will prevent your sudden spikes in the electricity from and damage your motherboard.

Check Power Supply:

 The power supply is attached to the motherboard and make it convert the AC power. It is received from the house current to the DC voltage. It is necessary for the motherboard, and the rest of the computer turns off. If the unit fails, it sends an unstable voltage to the motherboard. It consists of the various circuits and components of the board, rendering the computer dead. The failing signs of the PSU may include the failed booting, randomly shut down and unusual coming from eth unit. You can change out the unit the as soon and suspect the problem before you experience total failure, and damage your motherboard.

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