Move Apps To SD Card

How To Move Apps To SD Card From Your Android Smartphones

If you are trying to install the new app, enough space warning gives the pop-up. All those games, videos and videos finally take their toll. If your phone has a memory card slot. It is an easy solution to store the data. A micro SD card is a cheap way of expending the phone storage, and you can move the apps to the storage card to free up the space rather than remove the apps from the android device. It also depends on, which version you are using.

Using an SD card on android

Memory cards are slower rather than the internal storage, It is slightly worse in performance for more resource-intensive apps when you pick the card, It supports the largest and fastest phone, Firstly you can check your phone specification and observe which card is compatible with the smartphone.
It is not possible to move the preinstalled apps without rooting, and third-party apps may not support. It is also the older version of the android, you might not be able to use the widgets associated with the apps, you are going to move in your memory card.

USE an SD card as internal storage

The Marshmallow of android introduce to change the way, that phones can handle the memory cards, these changes continued into the later version of the android. The micro SD card works as internal storage, instead of having internal and external existing as separate specifications.
Data and apps can be added to the requirements, as needed, it happened seamlessly, as a result, you do not need to worry about, from where you can store the apps. You will have to set it first, that your card will be wiped in the process. So you will have to make sure, you can back up the data as you need.

  • Directly insert the card into the phone, when the new SD card notification appears, just tap it up to set up.
  • Next, you will have to choose, how your phone will use the SD card, you can select the “phone storage on android 9, choose the option as internal storage older version, alternately, go to “setting” “storage”, tap the card and tap the menu button. You can select the storage settings. You can “TAP format as internal.
  • In the next screen tap “Format SD card” or erase and Format. This will wipe your card.
  • On Android 9, you are offered the chance to move your content, it may include the apps, onto the card. It will show, how much space you have, You can now Move content completely.
  • The feature is called “adoptable storage”, it requires you to keep your card in your phone permanently. The card is also encrypted, so, you can put it another device to copy the data.
  • The “adaptable storage” is that some manufacturers choose not to offer it on their devices.

How to move apps to an SD card on Android 9.0 Pie

If your phone does not support “adoptable storage”. It is a quite quick and easy way to transfer apps to an SD card on android Pie manually. You cannot do it for every app, and not all for the pre-installed apps.

  • Go to Setting > apps and notifications > app info
  • You must find the apps, you want to move in the list, and tap it
  • You can select “storage”, if your card supports being moved to a card, you will see a button, labelled change, tap this.
  • Just select the SD card in the change storage dialogue box, it will bring to the confirmation screen, you can move to begin.

You again move back to the internal storage, repeat the steps, must select the internal shared storage in the final step. You always do this, when you want to change or remove the memory card.

How to move apps to an SD card on android on c

The process of moving an app to the SD card on Android 8 is basically the same as for android 9:
Go to Setting > apps and notifications> app info
You must scroll down to find the app, you want to move to the card and tap on it.
You can select storage, If the app supports being to a card, you will see the section labelled, when the storage is used, you can hit the button, it is marked as a change.
You select the card you want to move, followed by the move.

How to move apps to an SD card on Android 7.0 Nougat

You can move apps to a memory card on android 7.0 Nougat through settings, but you cannot move all the apps, and where they don’t support it. you won’t see the change button in Step 3.

  • Go to setting> apps
  • You must locate the app, you want to move into the SD card and tap on it
  • Go to storage > change and choose your card from the prompt box that opens
  • Click on tap to complete the process.

How to move apps to an SD card on android 5.0 Lollipop

Lollipop has less robust support of the memory card than later versions of Android, but you still move apps from within settings. You are limited in which apps you can place in your external storage, it depends upon the developers supporting the option. The entire app does not move across to the card. You can see which apps got on your card by swiping to the right hand in the APP screen. It is labelled on SD card.


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