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How to Write Excellent Blog Post That Converts into traffic

 Do you want to know the secrets how to write the successful blog post that helps to convert the traffic? What is the best way that the people visit your blog Post and never leave it without reading? Those post who are beneficial for the people, grab the attention of the user. The large percentage of the people see blog post on Facebook, twitter. You have really 3 to seconds to grab the user attention and convince them to click and read your blog post.

Know Your Audience:

Before you start writing, you must need to know, who is your audience is and what the people are actually looking for, you also keep in mind what is your targeted audience need, want.  The writer must make the data-driven decision by doing industry research and make the competitor analysis. There are lots of resources you can utilise:

Keyword tool:

it is a free tool, you can use it, and you can find the most searched keywords by the user in your industry.

Twitter advanced search: you can simply type your keywords and filter the question, it will show you, which type of the questions people are asking for.

Quora: It is a great resource to find the question, the people are asking.

SEMrush: it is the paid tool, it works extremely well and allows you to spy the competitor keywords and steal their best ideas.

Write compelling headlines:

If you write the compelling headline or eye-catching it is a very good chance that your blog must be read and shared with everyone. Your blog Post title is crucial for your blog post. You can also use the EMV headline analyser and headline analyser by co schedule, and find the title to use as emotional marketing.

Add subheading to break the page:

 The lengthy paragraphs do not put a good impression on the user. The people skim through the content and like to read the headlines with main points. I always recommended you to break your article into the subheading and make it easy for the user.

Use bullet points:

 The people mostly skim before they read, it had better highlight the best information, aside from the subheading, the bullet list must be arranged perfectly and read easily.  Here, you find some bullet points tips, then people will actually read

  • You can explain the clear benefits, think of the bullets as a mini-headlines.
  • Keep your bullets in a symmetrical form and consist of 1-2 lines each.
  • Try to avoid the bullet cluster, don’t write the paragraphs in bullets

Keep it in your mind, bullets are not the sentences, they are just like headlines.

Add images:

Visual impact puts a positive impact on the human mind. Visual content is faster. The engaging and captivating imaged can help to boost engagement.  There are thousands of free resources to find high quality free images. The shutter stock is a primary source to get free images. It is a premium stock photo site.

Optimise for SEO:

Your writing is not only for the SEO purposes to rank up the site. The article should be beneficial for the people. The Google organic search drives a huge chunk of traffic on most of the websites. If you want to get the maximum SEO ranking. It is highly recommended that you optimise your blog post for the important SEO ranking factors.

Below some of the tips that I follow.

  • Make proper Meta title and Meta description.
  • Optimise for the proper keywords, use the related keyword variation.
  • Add image ALT image attribute
  • Interlink with content

Add a clear call to action:

 The most important tip is to add a clear call to action, whether, you can ask the reader to leave a comment, and share the blog post with your family friends, need to make sure, it is clearly stated, what you had like them to do. A good call to action is clearly distinguished and stand out in the blog post, if you like this post, you can share it on Facebook and Twitter.  The call to actions words also grab the attention of the user and it converts into a sale, or generate a lead. It put a good impression on the user.

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